Love the Diaspora

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"Africa may have 54 countries, but when we are far from home, we are one Diaspora."

To Love the Diaspora is A CALL TO ACTION.

I started Love the Diaspora to recognize the love (for food!) we share across time and space and place.

When the first person leaves home, the Diaspora begins:

bringing gifts of love, food, and culture wherever they go.

The Diaspora carries these gifts. And adapts. Changes. Their creations are Love Letters.

Jollof is to Jambalaya


Sadza is to Pap.

Like Fufu in the West.

And N(s)hima in between.

What about Grits down South?

We came with N'Guba in our pockets. Gubers became Peanuts. Yams = Sweet Potatoes.

We had Rice in our Braids. There is still Spice in our Moves.

Flavor for Souls separated.

Love, The Diaspora